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Historic Cedar House of Athens c1780

Historic Cedar House of Athens c1780

Pioneer, Daniel Boone and his family moved from nearby Boonesborough about 1782 and established a settlement outside of the present town of Athens on Baughman Fork. Named Boone's Station, a post office operated there until 1813. The Boone Station State Historic Site on Gentry Road marks the site of the settlement some 1/2 mile from present Athens.

Athens, Kentucky, is a small unincorporated village in the rural services area of Lexington-Fayette Urban County to the east of Interstate 75. It was first settled in 1783 as the community of Cross Plains, development along a crossing of buffalo traces. The town was chartered by the Kentucky General Assembly in 1825 as Athens with an operable post office until 1906.

During the early 19th century the community boasted several manufacturing industries including a woolen factory as well as a bagging and rope factory. By 1860 all of the manufacturing buildings had been destroyed by fire. Several fires diminished the community in size, including a single blaze in 1853/4 that claimed all the south side of Main Street across from this house. Most buildings were never rebuilt and the town diminished in size.

This house was thought to have been built c1790s and perhaps one of the oldest remaining structures in Fayette County with a long, yet mostly undiscovered history. Standing adjacent to the c1840 Marshall Tavern, this log frame building was historically known as the "Cedar House," and may have been an early commercial structure having been known to have been a butcher shop at one point in history.

This property is now owned by the Kentucky Trust for Historic Preservation and is under renovation. Thank you to the 1772 Foundation and Josephine Aubrey Foundation for contributing to our project.

Historic Athens, Kentucky 1877 Atlas Map

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